Well, you are on our site because you have heard about our boats.  Maybe from a friend, perhaps you saw one at a marina, or maybe one of your friends took a charter with one of my customers in Venice, Louisiana…. and that friend couldn’t get over how fast the boat is and how well it rides at speed in rough waters.   But, you just can’t wrap your head around how a 33′ center console could ride so well.  Heck, it’s only 33′ long.  One thing is for sure, you won’t understand it until you sea trial one.  

 First thing you will notice is how much room is in a Freeman 33.  With its 10’10” beam, there is a tremendous amount of room to move around the boat while fishing or diving.  Our 33 foot boat has 30″ on either side of the console to walk by.  Most modern center consoles have less than 24″ to walk by the console.  This alone makes a HUGE difference when “hooked up” on a big fish, allowing the gaff man to move around for a better shot.

 When we break past the jetties into a chop, you will want to bend your knees and white knuckle the Ttop, but the jar never comes.  You won’t feel the constant slap of the chine.  All you will experience is the most incredible boat ride of your life.  No shudders, no rattles, just a rock solid ride that makes your 200 mile round trip a pleasure.  Many of my customers tell me that at the end of the day they don’t feel like they need to go to a kidney or spine specialist like they did while riding in other similar sized boats.

 One of the questions I frequently get is..”how does the boat compare to a 36′ XYZ”?   I usually respond with, “you mean, how does it compare to a 42′ XYZ”?    Like I said, riding is believing.   Our 33 has 400 gallons of fuel capacity, a range of 400 miles can be achieved at a reasonable cruise speed.  So if running to the floaters in the Gulf of Mexico is your passion or running to the far reaches of the Bahamas is part of your vacation plans, the Freeman 33 will deliver unparalleled ride and performance. 

 Ok, now for the inevitable question that always comes from the catamaran naysayers….  It always goes like this…  “I rode on a XYZ catamaran and man did it do some weird stuff in a following sea.  How does your boat do in a “following” sea”?   The Freeman 33 has bridged the gap between the predictable monohull and the typical quirky catamaran in certain “following” sea conditions. The same goes for a “beam” sea.  Just set the optimum trim angle and let her eat.  That all being said, please contact us come on a sea trial.  We want to show off our product.  Some boats are at their best sitting in a show room or tied to a dock our boats shine in the roughest of conditions.

Billy dropped off hull #1 to me down in Venice just in time for me to get her ready for the first charter on her on Dec 27th. The boat is badass! I ran every other boat out there that I thought would be a good boat for our conditions in the northern gulf, but none came close to the Freeman. One word of warning: don’t take a test ride unless you are ready to write a check for it. With every boat I have ever owned I could sit down and write a list of what I do and don’t like, and what I wish the builder would have done different. To say the least, I am very picky when it comes to my “office”. But, there is nothing I would have had him do different. All of the phone calls and the questions and the different ideas, Billy Freeman was able to come through and incorporate everything I wanted.
Captain Mike Ellis
My second trip to Venice in the last few months and of course it is never disappointing. We left the dock early to get bait so we could have several options through the day. We had a little fog to contend with but the sun cracked at the gulf and it was warm and calm. We started off a little slow, but Capt. Mike kept searching. We got a couple fish in the boat and guess what showed up… Mother Nature and it must of been that time of the month!!!!! She brought all her friends. NE winds to 25knts, rain, and fog all at one time and that is when the fish really turned on. We got on a school of wahoo on a rig (that you couldn’t even see 100ft way) that would blow you away. Three rods at one time would scream and chaos began. We got all of them to about 70 pounds.

I must say a little about the Freeman 33, if I was on anything else I would have begged to go home. What a machine!!! I rig electronics for a living so I’ve been on almost everything on the market and I am impressed. The boat is fast, stable, and dry. When the seas really kicked up I could not believe the speed we could make and be comfortable. Nice Boat Mike “I want one”
Well my hats off to the builder and the cat boat world is in trouble.

Thanks for a great day Captain Mike.

TJ Ray
I had the pleasure of fishing with Captain Mike of Reel Peace Charters on Saturday January 26, 2008. The weather kept us pinned down to the marina until about 8:30am but after the rain quit we were able to make our way through the fog and out Tiger Pass.

Captain Mike was thoughtful enough to keep us behind the heavy weather and in comfortable seas considering the conditions. We stayed out around 30 miles most of the day trolling platforms with lures for Wahoo. It took a while to find the fish but once we did we made short work of landing 4 Yellow fin to about 40lbs and one Wahoo to 45lbs.

For those who don’t know Captain Mike recently added a 33′ Freeman catamaran to the Reel Peace Fleet. Freeman Boat Works is a South Carolina based boat builder who is steeped in the art of building catamaran style offshore boats and has taken a modern approach to designing a truly capable craft. In today’s charter boat world the capability of the boat is just as important as the captain’s ability.

The Freeman 33 can chew up the 3-4′ chop and spit out an impressive 30mph cruising speed. Unlike most catamarans the “sneeze” (mist) from the bow is unnoticeable or irrelevant. In rough seas there is nothing that shakes, nothing that rattles, a quality unseen in most competitor’s boats. When it comes time to fish you can’t argue the stability of a 10′ wide fishing platform, the cockpit is very workable and the molded in bow coffin box makes a great location to store your day’s catch. The twin Suzuki 300hp engines not only make this one of the quickest catamarans on the water, but also keep the fuel bill to a minimum. The boat is also rigged out with a full electronics suite of Furuno including a 6kw open array radar, and don’t forget to bring your Ipod because Capt Mike also has a great sound system.

Charles Campbell Seabrook
I fished with Capt. Mike Sunday for the third time in the past 12 months and once again had a great time. The weather tried to get us for the third time on this trip but we finally got to fish. It was cold and the sea was nasty but the sickest boat in Venice made quick work of the ride out to the fish. The new Freeman 33 is seriously bad@ss. If you haven’t fished in one, I would highly recommend it. Of course, Capt. Mike has the only one. We trolled a rig early and picked up a couple of nice wahoo then found a good school of blackfin. After picking off ten of those we made our way back to the rigs where we boated three more hoos including a 90 pounder. Another great trip with Mike. And I’m really not joking about the new boat. I had a couple great trips in the old one, but this his new Freeman 33 leaves nothing to be desired. How sweet it is to be jamming Drowning Pool while getting blitzed by a school of blackfin. And Mike was as always simply relentless
Rick Strawn Moody
I took a trip with Capt. Billy Wells on memorial day in the Freeman Cat. The weather and seas were awful, but your boat is WOW! I can’t say in words how impressed I was. I have spent many years offshore in some pretty rough stuff in the Gulf of Mexico, but your boat is comfortable and FAST! You usually get one or the other, not both. If I had the money I’d write you a check for one today. No that’s not true, I would have written you a check last Tuesday. Good luck with your venture!
Captain David M Estes
Working in the charter business out of Venice, Louisiana I was lucky enough to see the first Freeman 33 ever built. I watched that boat day in and day out take the cards that the Northern Gulf of Mexico and Mother Nature throw at us and win. Hoping one day I would own one of these game changing vessels. That day came a few years ago when I bought my first Freeman 33. During that time Billy was still pushing the envelope by creating the Freeman 40, then the production model 37VH. I knew that my 33 was not going to be the last boat I owned by Freeman Boatworks. The Freeman 34VH is the current vessel I own and operate out out Venice at this time. Running the 33 for a few years, while building a relationship with Freeman Boatworks, allowed me to really dial in and customize my 34VH to some very specific specs as to how we fish we fish for large pelagics in the Northern Gulf. Fishing Venice 150 plus days a year we do not only deal with rough seas but we have the almighty Mississippi River to deal with. From December to May we sometimes run 22 miles of river in zero visibility fog. The layout of 34VH combined with top of the line Simrad electronics and radar allow me to safely navigate the River, and it’s passes, in the fog, getting my customers to and from the fishing grounds in comfort and safety. While having a great day out on the water is always a top priority, safety is always number one! My customers that have never been out on a catamaran than can push 70mph, cruise at 50mph, or slowly navigate the fog at 28mph, are always surprised and impressed at how steady and secure the vessel feels in all sea conditions, which always has them coming back for more.

The guys at Freeman Boatworks are dedicated to producing the finest offshore fishing catamarans and it shows. They pay constant attention to detail and are on top of the ever changing offshore fishing world. The game will always change…………we will always adapt to it…………and Freeman Boatworks will be there with the tools to help us get it done! Thanks Freeman Boatworks and keep up the good work!!!!!

Captain Brett Ryan